Live. Learn. Grow.

You're choosing a smart path: a digital skills bootcamp, an online degree program, or perhaps a career-accelerator. No more lectures, no huge debt, no more wasted time. That's great. But why not get away and immerse yourself in a dynamic, perspective-changing learning environment?

We're building this growth experience. Our campuses will offer flexible and low-cost stays for modern learners and create opportunities for students to thrive. Stay tuned. Launching soon! 

How it works

These campuses are designed to cater to your needs as a learner. Sessions range in length of stay, size of group, academic focus, and daily activities, but all have these core features


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Choose Your Destination

Stay at one of our domestic or international campuses, for as long or short as you want! 


Accelerate Your Learning

Deeply engage with your coursework, get hands-on within your community, and develop new perspectives.

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Create Your Social Network

Forge deep bonds, make life-long friends, and build a strong professional network. 




Study and service,


February, 2018




Coding and  Consulting,  Saint Lucia 

Coming Soon..

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