We offer a suite of destinations and experiences for students to choose from. The day to day will vary depending on what trip you select, but every trip has the same essential features. 

Here's what we'll always provide:

  • Accommodation - this ranges from single and shared rooms, to dormitories, guest-houses, villas, and home-stays
  • Community Manager and/or Program Leaders - at least one expert staff member leading and facilitating
  • Study Space + Wifi - we will always have access to peaceful co-working space and high-speed internet
  • Personal, Professional, and Academic Workshops - we run sessions designed to push you out of your comfort zone and grow
  • Social Functions - bbq's, local events, professional networking, and more!
  • Opportunities for Cultural Immersion - what's the point of travel otherwise?

Here's what we'll Sometimes provide:

  • Internship Placements - Students on some trips will have the opportunity to intern at local companies
  • Service Learning - Most trips will incorporate opportunities for impactful and engaging volunteer work
  • Employment Support - We create space on select trips for students to off-set the costs of their travel by making money: working remotely, teaching english, or consulting for local companies. 
  • Visiting Professors - Some trips are co-led by Professors who facilitate deep inquiry into various subjects. These seminars are either intended to complement the student's academic focus, or are more generally geared towards intellectual and personal growth.
  • Additional Tourist Activities - Certain trips will facilitate museum visits, treks, tours, etc. 
  • Health/Wellness/Fitness - Focus on getting your mind and body in shape! 
Through SNHU online, I know I’ve got the quickest, cheapest route to a degree. Through Modern Campus, I also get that college coming of age experience - making life-long friends, living away from home. Doesn’t hurt that I also get to spend it in the Caribbean!
— Jalen Epps, Southern New Hampshire University student