Our Purpose

Skyrocketing tuition, abysmal retention rates, and a lack of workforce-ready graduates make the mandate for innovation in our higher education system crystal clear. We've been encouraged by the proliferation of organizations that serve students for whom the traditional higher education system too often fails, organizations that leverage technology to drive down costs and make sure to prioritize career-alignment and credential acceleration.

One of the limitations of these programs, however, is that they don't offer an option to study away from home, out of one’s comfort zone, where many experience their deepest learning. Students should not have to spend up to $200,000 and multiple years on a college campus for a social experience, nor should those later in their career, looking to up-skill, need to be isolated as they learn.

In Modern Campus, we've mapped out a cost-effective pathway that gives modern learners access to our global campus network, allowing students to earn a valuable credential and have an enriching social, professional, and intellectual experience.